customised wordpress theme for the Snipette website
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Independent Snipette

This theme contains Snipette-specific customisations to the Independent Publisher theme, and is built using the Independent Publisher Child Theme as a base. Instructions for the Independent Publisher Child theme are given below...

For a complete list of functions you can override in this child theme, please see Functions you can override in a Child Theme.


This Child Theme requires the parent Independent Publisher theme, so be sure that you have that installed first. Then, simply download this child theme and place it your wp-content/themes/ folder and then activate it from Appearance → Themes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you downloaded the Independent Publisher theme from GitHub, the theme folder name might be independent-publisher-master. If that is the case, you must rename the theme directory to independent-publisher, as that is what the Child Theme looks for.

Once this Child Theme has been activated, you can start making changes to the child theme's style.css file and/or functions.php. The changes you make in those files will simply override the parent theme's styles and functions.

See the comments in style.css and functions.php for examples.


A Page Template can be selected from the Page Attributes meta box when editing or creating a new WordPress Page. The following page templates are included in this Child Theme:

  • Archive Page: Displays Search box, Recent Posts, Most Used Categories, Monthly Archives, and Tag Cloud.